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Promoting the ideal of freedom around the world is among the most important goals of the Thiel Foundation. We support organizations that defend freedom of speech and access to information, champion those who oppose authoritarian governments and expose human rights abuses, encourage the exploration of new ideas and new spaces, stimulate a robust public appreciation for freedom, and expand the sphere of liberty.

Science & Technology

The Thiel Foundation supports the exploration of new frontiers in science and technology, including artificial intelligence, longevity science, cyberspace development, outer space exploration, and seasteading. To that end, we fund forward-thinking research that endeavors to improve the human condition and to ensure that technological breakthroughs will benefit humanity.


Violence is the most basic threat to freedom, whether it is manifested through war, torture, slavery, conscription, oppression, or persecution for religious, political, or social beliefs. We support models and heroes of non-violence, as well as organizations that work to understand the origins and enablers of violence and how violence can be reduced.